Hello, I'm Cygne (looks intimidating, but it's pronounced seen). I just completed a fifteen-country tour in support of my latest album, Let It Breathe. Right now I'm taking a pause to do just that. Please enjoy the music and writing and if you feel moved to, please say hello.

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the pursuit of happiness 

Last night my cousin validated my entire existence with this text.  

She’s a badass transcontinental explorer and we rarely cross paths but if I've learned anything on the road it's that time and space are no obstacles to love.  

Obstacles to love = fear and doubt. Overcoming them requires constant practice. 

   "You're traveling ALONE?" 
   "Aren't you AFRAID?" 
   "You mean you don't have a man with you??” 

If I received a dollar every time I was asked these questions I wouldn't be crowdfunding right now. (Ahem) I’m sure my cousin gets them a lot too. In the USA! In the 21st century! 

Yes, at times I've felt scared as a solo female-bodied traveler.
Life can be scary. 
Freedom can be scary.  
Freedom = having choices = power = responsibility = scary. 

How lucky are we?!

What are really, truly, scary are the choices we aren't aware of, the choices we don’t make, and the choices others make for us.  

Right now we have a choice. To vote or not to vote. To vote for Hillary Clinton or to note vote for Hillary Clinton. To move towards a unified country where every person of every color of every sex of every gender of every age of every faith of every class of every nation can live and travel and pray and make love and express her freedom knowing she has every right to do so - or not.

Fellow Bernie supporters - I get it. I felt the Bern really hard and I still do. But this is our choice now, and it's our responsibility to show up and vote, for all who couldn’t and for all who still can’t. For

Please register to vote. Please watch Suffragette or Selma if you don't see the point. Please watch the debates if you feel the need to subject yourself to that. Please listen and reflect and join the revolution

Even when we feel like we have no impact on the world, we're surprised to find out we really do.

update from the studio 

Late summer - so distinct! Rushing to the subway one morning last week I stopped, looked at the sky and exhaled big. Even though the city feels like a sauna the blue light's trickling in and I'm sooo ready to take a dip. 

central park

The past few weeks I've been in the studio working on the new album. It's my seventh project with Steve so the sessions have been easy and relaxed... despite the demolition of the second floor (we're recording on the first floor!). Recording in a work zone is a potential nightmare but Steve is such a pro and I'm so used to upheaval I daresay the album is better for it. We got really creative on this one. :) 


This week Steve and I took a break to fly to opposite corners of the country to say goodbye to ill loved ones. It's a strange and sad coincidence, yet one that reinforced the desire to make a bright, fun album. After the past year of traveling across the US & Europe during big global and personal shifts I guess you could say I have a different perspective on life. And different songs to sing.


So - if you're in NYC this Friday you're invited to hear new songs at the American Folk Art Museum! I'll perform a free concert in the atrium promptly at 5:30PM and I'd love to see you. For those of you I haven't seen - and won't see for a while - I still love you and I promise new music next month. Here are photos from the process:


Turns out drums are louder than drills :)

guitars bridge

So are guitars - and the subway! This is the sub-subway bridge where I warm up my voice in the morning. Thankfully New Yorkers are so preoccupied no one notices my shrieking.

flowers are inside

It's been crazy hot. 

ice cream

But people are making do.  


And there've been loads of rain... which I wish I could send to Big Sur :(


The view from atop the new Whitney.


And old inspiration.

east village progress

On a day off I wandered around my old neighborhood, amazed by the transformation. I left my Ludlow Street studio seven years ago and if that's how long it takes for our cells to be replaced apparently the same goes for apartment buildings.


I realize it's hypocritical to resist change... but I'm going to miss the crooked door frames and Krylon-covered bricks that inspired so many late night walks and early morning songs. 


After flying south I sought comfort in my main muse, the ocean. Dark clouds carried flashes of light: warm waves, shore birds, damp heat crackling over the Atlantic. It was a sad occasion and nature modeled the harmony of dark and light, ebb and flow, death and life. 


Plus my family and I have been binging pretty hard on the Olympics. Seeing how much dedication and hard work the athletes put into their sports has inspired me to be a better writer and musician. 

sand dollar

It's also made me want to swim :)


And so I wish you a very happy end of summer! Thank you for reading and please tune in next month for a big announcement. Enjoy these beautiful days while they're here!!

With Love,




big bang 

hello! welcome to the new website. fresh start for a fresh season. 

in a couple weeks i'll fly to nyc to record fresh songs with steve rossiter (p, gd, bhb, mfn, rw, fc). i'm really excited. i love playing live but after months of touring solo going into the studio is like the day the chemistry teacher walks into the class and says, "okay kids, clear off your desks and put on your goggles because we're about to blow shit up!!" i loved those days. my teacher never said "blow shit up" but we gathered around the glass tank with scratched plastic goggles to watch various powders spark and smoke. one day we lit skittles on fire (arguably the only thing one should do with skittles). i was so relieved to stand up and stretch and to not be called on to answer questions i couldn't begin to understand and could barely recite. i just wanted to delight in the mystery. not surprisingly, those are my only memories of chem class. 

which isn't to say touring is boring - in fact my life often feels like one explosion after another, except there's no glass box and i'm the skittle. i guess that's life, though.... the big bang, still echoing. there are so many big ripples and shifts shaking this planet right now. if there's one thing we can all agree on (which maybe there isn't) i think it's that life (as we experience it) moves fast (despite timelessness). do we want to be ferris bueller or do we want to be ed rooney? do we want to embrace life or do we want to promote fear? do we want to band together or do we want to break apart? all these ripples feel like fear, excitement, confusion, sadness, love - sometimes at the same time. the more we commit to feeling them as they shake out the smoother the ride will be. that's my mid-year's resolution, anyway. feeling what wants to be felt and letting the rest go....  

i'll be sharing more about the new project in the coming weeks. in the meantime if you're in los angeles wednesday night i'm playing at the standard at 9pm after dylan luster's ep release, hosted by the lovely dj valida.